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Monish Gandhi, CEO, Gradient Ascent (GA)

Monish Gandhi is the CEO Gradient Ascent (GA) which helps companies develop custom data science, machine learning, and AI solutions. By providing end-to-end execution, GA helps companies accelerate time-to-market and reduce project risk. Some of GA's work includes developing risk models for fintech companies, an innovative AI-powered web conferencing system, and a forecasting system for a high-growth software scale-up.

Presented by Mona Sabet, Managing Director, Tribal Advisors

With two decades of experience in the Silicon Valley tech sector both as a corporate executive and an entrepreneur, Mona brings her expertise in corporate development, acquisitions, integrations, and technology deals (with a specialty in IP licensing deals) to every team she works with. She has negotiated hundreds of technology deals and nearly 50 acquisitions.

Mona holds an engineering degree from the University of Toronto, a J.D. from the University of Western Ontario, and management certificates from Simon Fraser University and UC, Berkeley.

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