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Each year the US government provides over 10 billion dollars to businesses for developing new or improving existing technologies, products and materials under the R&D tax credit program.

The R&D tax credit program has made the IRS' Dirty Dozen list of Tax Scams they're heavily auditing because companies mistakenly claim their entire product development spend without understanding the qualification criteria.

While R&D credits can provide a substantial impact to your financials, if you file without understanding the qualification criteria, you are putting your company at risk in an audit as the IRS will clawback any credits or funds disbursed along with interest and potentially a fine.

In this webinar, we will share everything you need to know about the R&D tax credit program. Specifically, we will cover:

-What qualifies for R&D tax credits,
-How much can you get back from the government,
-How can you utilize the tax credits,
-What are the filing and documentation requirements,
-What are the risks involved.

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